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Narrative Projects I've Edited

Here are a few of the narrative projects that I've edited.


Death To Pornography (Documentary)

I was tasked with taking a video that I originally edited as a Youtube video for a client and re-edit it with a cinematic flair for other forms of online distribution. This project showcases my ability to key out green screens, manipulate text graphics, sound design, and cutting B roll.


More Than Feelings (Narrative Music Video)

More Than Feelings was a music video project that was based around a narrative storytelling. The goal was to edit in a way that enhanced the story not soley focused on cutting to the song.


"Legindary" Film Screening (Recap)

Even though this is a recap video I believe that telling a story is important. My goal wasn't just to show a montage of clips but to bring the audience into what that day felt like by utilizing key sound bites, B roll, and engaging music.


A “Grimm” Fairytale (Wedding Film)

The goal of this project was to invoke a sense of timelessness. Audio from the wedding wasn’t available so the use of music to convey the story and emotions of the day was important.


The Awakened (Concept Trailer)

The Awakened is a concept trailer I edited for a potential film. This trailer showcases my use of narrative cutting, sound effects, sound mixing, and color grading.


Humanities (Teaser Edit)

Humanities is a teaser trailer for a potential web-series to gage interest and to introduce the story concept of the series. I used sound effects and music to enhance the voice over and bring the audience into the scene.

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